Why you should build with natural stone.

     Most modern construction uses inferior materials and profit conscious methods that give the look of natural stone but none of the lasting value.  The look is similar but upon closer inspection, it is obvious the quality and durability has been sacrificed for the benefit of the producer and not the consumer.  The myth that this is acceptable is built upon the notion that it is more cost effective for the home owner but, in truth, a true craftsman can build a superior product, that lasts for centuries, for a similar price.

Why dry laid or dry stack construction is superior.

     Building with mortar assures that at some point the work will fail.  We live in an area that values sustainability, and if you want to build with stone,  gravity works better than glue.  A dry stack wall, properly built, allows water to pass through instead of succumbing to the increasing hydrostatic pressure that will make a mortared wall fail over time.  A dry laid walkway or patio also allows water to drain more evenly reducing run off and any issues that occur are more easily repairable.  The appropriate times to use mortar are inside or areas that aren't as exposed to the elements such as a covered porch.

Why you should use Balanced Stoneworks for your project.

     To put it simply, you will not find higher quality work while your costs will be significantly less expensive.  Most companies have a few moderately skilled masons of varying styles and abilities that will charge a lot.  I will personally and artistically hand craft your project while having less overhead passing the savings on to you while assuring the craftsmanship is unparalleled.  There are a couple of companies that do decent work in the area, but none strive for the harmony and balance I hope to achieve.  While there are multiple companies producing sub par work yet charge like they offer a high-end product. I view each project as a sacred attempt to pursue perfection through practical art.

Why using natural stone is more sustainable and therefore better for the environment.

     The best reason is that a properly built stone structure will last many generations.  This reduces the waste that is created by redoing the same work every decade.  Stone, unlike other building materials, is not toxic and does not end up in landfills like other construction waste.  Leftover stone is used as backfill for future projects or other practical applications.  The transportation of stone has the biggest negative environmental impact, fortunately we live in an area that locally quarries or harvests usable stone.  Tennessee, where most of the sandstone used in this area comes from, is not that far away.  I also prefer using traditional shaping methods using chisels and shy away from cutting or drilling which creates harmful dust.  The production of cements and mortars is detrimental to the environment for multiple reasons and its application creates a barrier against nature.  This is why I prefer using gravel as a base as this allows for better drainage and less erosion causing runoff.  Proper design blends your yard with your project like symbiosis instead of cutting off itself from the natural setting.